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Video catches ‘bully’ thug who mocks, then sucker punches man for having cerebral palsy

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A sickening act of inhumanity was caught on surveillance footage outside a 7-Eleven.

A thug named Barry Baker, 29, was eventually arrested after video showed him not only mocking a defenseless man, but sucker punching him square in the face.

Photo souce: Daily Mail.com.

The innocent man’s offense? Having cerebral palsy.

Thankfully, the horrendous incident was recorded and police wasted no time charging Baker with assault.

According to police reports the victim, 22, pulled up to the convenient store on May 10 in West Chester, Pa. at 2:13am, the CBS Philly reported.

Baker, with apparently nothing better to do, was loitering outside the store and reportedly opened the door for the disabled man when he arrived.

When the soon-to-be victim walked back outside to his car, Baker followed him, mocking his disability with exaggerated movements.

Has if that wasn’t cruel enough, the coward launched a right hook upon the innocent man.

“Every decent citizen should be outraged by the defendant’s conduct. The victim is to be commended for keeping his cool and notifying the police,” Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told CBS. “This defendant is a bully.”

Calling him a “bully” is being kind.

Video surveillance via the Daily Mail can be watched below:

Witnesses told CBS that Baker had imitated the victim at least three times before deciding to get physical. Veteran police officers were stunned by the video.

The victim who has not been named to protect his identity was praised for keeping his cool, and calling the police as soon as he was able to get back in his car after being struck.

“It’s shocking that in today’s world you would have somebody attacking you simply because you suffer from cerebral palsy,” said Hogan.

Baker has an extensive rap sheet and had been previously arrested for theft and forgery, CBS reported.

Now he can add simple assault and “other related crimes” to his resume, CBS reported. Baker’s bail was set at 25,000 and he is due in court on May 30th.



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