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‘Proud to be an American’: SI swimsuit model says people don’t realize how good women have it here

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While her career allows Samantha Hoopes to travel the world, the Sports Illustrated model believes it really reinforces her love of the USA.

“I am proud to be an American,” the 26-year-old model told Fox News.

Appearing as a fashion model for GUESS, featured as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit pinup and a Carl’s Jr. burger-lover, the Pennsylvania native appreciates the liberties she enjoys as American.

“I appreciate other cultures, which is why I love modeling because I get to explore the world. I get to experience how other people live. But I’m just so proud to be an American because people here don’t realize we actually have so many more rights than other countries. Women are treated way differently here than in a lot of other countries,” she told Fox News.

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“I feel proud that we have the liberty and freedom to do whatever we desire and how we can stand up for something if we don’t agree with it,” she said.

Though she planned on a teaching career after attending Penn State, Hoopes ended up on a completely different career path when her mother told her she needed to find work. She applied to the Elite modeling agency in Los Angeles and launched into modeling.

Hoopes admitted she found it “funny” to even be considered as a sex symbol in an earlier interview with Fox News.

“I don’t look at myself and think, ‘Oh my God, I am so sexy and beautiful,'” she said. “I appreciate that people look at me as a sex symbol. I don’t put pressure in it at all. I just am the person that I am and I’m just trying to make it and make a name for myself.”

Hoopes added that she eventually wanted to be known for more than just being a “pretty face,” but is perfectly happy with her current sexy status, noting that she dismisses critics who try to shame her for displaying her body.

“Sex is amazing. Sex sells. And I love being a sexy woman. I think it’s powerful and I think it’s the most powerful thing you can have,” she said. “I think it’s sad that women look down on girls who have confidence.”

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She criticized “haters” who tell her on social media to cover up, announcing she has no plans to do so.

“I’m a woman, so why not?” she said.

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