Bernie Sanders’ wife earns ‘jackass tweet of the week’ for praising Iranian election as a lesson for the world

The left never ceases to amaze and reactions to the illusion of Iran’s presidential election was no exception.

Jane Sanders, the wife of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, tweeted out her agreement with an assessment of the Islamic nation’s election last week that actually claimed it was a “lesson” for the U.S.

Never mind that Iran is not a democracy and that the office of president is overseen by a religious supreme leader who is not accountable to voters and can overrule the elected representative at any time.

And while President Hassan Rouhani won re-election in what is being called a landslide victory, with 57 percent of the vote, according to The New York Times,  he and his opponents were ultimately approved by the 12-member Guardian Council before the race began.

With two of the six approved candidates dropping out, the choices for Iranian citizens was slim but came down to the “moderate” incumbent, Rouhani, and his hardline challenger Ebrahim Raisi.

But these “facts” in an orchestrated contest seem lost on progressives like Sanders and other liberals.

Twitter users were not so easily duped.

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Frieda Powers


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