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Ariana Grande responds to the horror; young victim sent her a heartbreaking tweet before the concert

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As confusion and chaos gripped Manchester, England after a deadly terrorist attack that aimed to destroy as many young, innocent lives as possible, names of the deceased began to trickle in.

First among them, Georgina Callander, 18, who just before the concert tweeted the young superstar she was going to see, Ariana Grande.

“SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU TOMORROW,” Callander tweeted on Sunday in anticipation of the concert.

The young fan had met Grande in 2015, and pictures of the encounter spread across Twitter.

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Callander, and the 21 other victims whose lives were snuffed short from the ultimate act of evil only dreamed the night would be a celebration.

Instead, Callander’s mother, sat by the hospital bedside as her daughter took her last breath.

“We were all praying for her to be found safely. Then we were told she had passed away,” friend Shelby Wharton, 17, told the Evening Standard.

“She was always very open, would talk to everyone. She was so nice. It does not feel real. I just pray for her family.”

Before Callander was identified, friends were sending alerts through social media;


Later, Twitter lit up with tributes to Callander as the news of her passing spread.

Pop singer Ariana Grande also made a statement soon after the attack expressing her anguish over the night’s dark turn.

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Callander’s friends were there to honor their friend as well:



The cowardly attacker, killed himself in the blast that also injured 59 other individuals.

Ariana Grande’s manager Scooter Braun sent the following statement Monday night after the attack:

Victoria Monet, Grande’s opening act, tweeted the following:


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