How would YOU describe Trump in 3 words? Trump-hater’s #threewordstrump hashtag backfires bigly

‘Conservative’ Trump-hater Louise Mensch, the British-born novelist and former member of the British Parliament who came to the States and launched the website Heat Street with Rupert Murdoch, wants you to share the top three words that come to mind when it comes to President Donald Trump.

Mensch’s Saturday tweet features a meme with the words, “Describe This Man … Using 3 Words or Less.”

And then the woman whose Russiaphobia extends to the nutty belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin murdered Andrew Breitbart simply to boost Steve Bannon’s influence then proceeded to list the words that describe President Trump to her:

Israeli president takes painful shots at former president Obama during Trump’s trip

Which, predictably, started a trend, although possibly not all in the direction Mensch desired. Sure, plenty of anti-Trump people weighed in:

But then, like a breath of fresh air, it seemed like Trump supporters ended up getting the best of Mensch and the #threewordstrump hashtag with plenty of fun retorts that totally turned the tables on Mensch and the Trump-haters.

WH official says ‘exhaustion’ led to President Trump’s ‘gaffe’ in Saudi Arabia, to the surprise of his own staff

And of course, there’s always this…

Why not keep the fun going by adding your own tweet to Mensch’s #threewordstrump hashtag. How would YOU describe our president?

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