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Adorable 6-year-old girl wins over internet after comeback to brother’s question ‘what is on your face?’

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The confidence displayed by a 6-year-old Sacramento, California, girl is taking social media by storm.

In a video her older brother, Kyle Dinsmore, posted on Twitter, a young Khloe is seen emerging from the house wearing her mother’s eyeshadow and lipstick, big brother explained to Buzzfeed.

“Khloe, what is on your face?” Kyle asked, as he videotaped the exchange.

Without missing a beat, the confident little girl shot back with attitude: “‘Um, beauty.”

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“This is honestly like an everyday thing. I just happened to get it on video that day,” Dinsmore said. “She has a very big character, she’s very sassy, so I wasn’t surprised when she said it.”

lil girl growin up too fast ??‍♂️

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The reaction on social media to the endearing moment was… well, iconic.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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