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Racist black mom loses her mind, screams racism when nice skateboarders try to protect her kids

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Ignorance was on full display when a black woman approached a skateboarder who attempted to protect her children.

The children were in the way of skateboarders on a public ramp (built for skating). The older kids were zipping by dangerously when one guy asked the young children to move so they wouldn’t be injured, video footage showed.

Moments later the mom put on a horrid display in front of her kids as she cursed at the man and accused him of being a racist.

“Are you being racist?” she asked, demanding an explanation.

But as the guy attempted to give his explanation, the woman didn’t seem to be interested in hearing it.

“I don’t give a f**k!” she continued to shout.

“Then why did you ask me?” the man asked.

The woman got more agitated as the man didn’t cower in fear.

“I’m an ignorant black b**ch!” she declared.

“I was trying to protect your kids,” the man continued to explain, to no avail.

The woman, who is probably not a member of the Harvard debate team, continued to shout “f**k you ho!” in front of her young children, and other children at the public park.

Watch the stunning video.

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Carmine Sabia


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