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GOP lawmakers fear for their lives as the left gets more hostile

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Republican lawmakers are fearing for their lives, and Democrats are doing little to quell the flames — in fact, they’re stoking the fires.

Last week we reported that Wendi Wright, an unhinged liberal, chased down a Tennessee congressman after a town hall meeting. She eventually blocked him from leaving a driveway, screamed at and reached inside toward him and pounded on the car.

But Wright’s just one of a growing number of people who have waged similar threats and attacks against Republicans and conservatives.

Others include the FBI arrest of a man threatening the life of Rep. Martha McSally, a Republican from Arizona, and heightened security initiated by Rep. Tom Garrett, after the Virginia Republican received death threats, according to The Hill.

GOP lawmakers who haven’t felt physical endangerment nonetheless report being shouted down at normally staid and civil town hall events by belligerent crowds.

At the core of the rancor and unrest are the very policies upon which President Trump campaigned and was elected, and Clinton supporters refuse to let it go.

But now it seems to be going way beyond Trump, with protesters looking for any excuse to disrupt a meeting.

Rep. David Brat described being shouted down at an event after he mentioned everyone’s “God-given rights.”

“They booed God. They booed the pastor. They booed the prayer. They booed the name of the church. They booed when I said rights come from God,” the Virginia Republican told The Hill. “That’s a fundamental tenet of western civilization. I mean, I didn’t think that was partisan.”

Further up the Atlantic coastline, GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur was also shouted down by his New Jersey audience. He made the mistake of mentioning his deceased 11-year-old daughter.

Folks on social media thought the behavior typical coming from the left, and encouraged Republicans to keep up the fight.

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And one believed it all began with the so-called “apology tour” that marked the beginning of President Obama’s presidency.

The discord has also resulted in vandalism and attacks on staff, as Rep. Ted Yoho reported.

“They’re mad to the point where they’re cussing at my staff, pushed one of them, poured stuff on one of the staff’s car,” the Florida Republican told The Hill. “If they start acting responsible and respectable, we’ll do the same.”


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