Donald Trump takes a second to tweet about wife Melania

President Trump is known for his occasional over-the-top tweets that have caused many of his supporters to ask him to set his Twitter account aside.

This one was beautiful and sweet.

But there’s no one in the world — conservative or even liberal — that should have a problem with his Sunday morning re-tweet of one sent out earlier by his wife Melania.

It included a photo of her enjoying a visit to the American International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The presidential party landed in Saudi Arabia Saturday, a move not meeting the approval of one of his most loyal supporters.

Longtime confidant and campaign advisor Roger Stone suggested what he believed were better ways for Trump to spend his time and effort — and claimed that the Saudi visit even left him ill.

And while the first lady entertained the children, the president found a more male-oriented way to entertain thew crowd.

But if you thought no one could possibly find anything objectionable to the president’s re-tweet his wife’s photo, you would be wrong. Liberals saw it as another opportunity to go after the president — and even his wife.

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Nonetheless calmer minds applauded the day — both the state visit in general and the first lady’s visit in particular.

All of which led to this conclusion — one that’s hard to argue with.



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