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Chelsea Handler brags about insulting Ivanka Trump to her face once: ‘I can’t even with you …’

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Comedian Chelsea Handler is so classless she disses people she doesn’t know and then brags about it later.

Handler boasted to a small group of reporters at Teddy & The Bully Bar in Washington, D.C., that she once insulted Ivanka to her face.

chelsea handler disses ivanka trump
Chelsea Handler boasted that she was once rude to Ivanka Trump. Wow, someone give her a trophy. (Image: screenshot)

Handler said the brief encounter occurred in October 2016, when they were introduced to each other at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women summit in California.

“I can’t even with you,” Handler recalled saying to Trump (via the Hill). Handler said the classy Ivanka simply shrugged at her.

It’s unclear why Handler took so much pride in being rude to someone she doesn’t even know. It’s especially ironic considering Ivanka’s moderate political views are largely aligned with Chelsea Handler’s liberal, pro-feminist, pro-LGBT agenda.

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But when your middling entertainment career is spiraling into the toilet, you have to do and say outrageous, offensive things to make news. These days, even C-list celebrities can make headlines for slamming President Trump.

In March, Handler stooped to a new low by attacking Eric Trump and his wife Lara, who proudly announced she is pregnant with their first child. At that point, Eric’s big brother, Donald Trump Jr., stepped in to rebuke Handler.

“Attacking the announcement of someone’s first pregnancy would seem below the belt to most, but sadly that’s no longer the case,” Trump Jr. wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Twitter reacted by calling Handler’s latest anti-Trump antic rude, immature and delusional.


This photo of Chelsea with the Hildabeast says it all.

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