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Breathtaking video shows woman faint on to tracks, get rescued 60 seconds before train hits

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An 18-year-old woman escaped certain death after fainting onto subway tracks and being rescued by a group of strangers.

Dramatic surveillance video showed the moment Anija Lender fell onto the tracks, narrowly missing the electrified third rail, on a Boston subway track as she waited for the Red Line, just one minute before the train pulled into the station, CBS Boston


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Horrified commuters watched as a group of fellow passenger leapt onto the tracks to save her.

At first Lender asked not to be moved, but when the rescuers told her the train was one minute from the station she had a change of heart.

“Then they said the train is coming and I said ‘move me, move me,” she recalled.

“I don’t know, I guess I fainted,” she told CBS Boston.

Image: Screenshot

Lender said she believes God saved her life.

“I believe in God, I feel like God really had my back. He was right there with me,” she said. “I’m so glad people came and helped me. I know if that was me, I would have been scared to jump on the tracks knowing the train was so close.”

Lender escaped with only a sprained ankle and six stitches above her eye.

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