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Dem Ariz. gubernatorial candidate flaunts sexual exploits, including with married women, to win office

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New Weiner in the making?

Noah Dyer, a controversial Democrat candidate running for governor of Arizona, was interviewed by Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on Thursday and stunned viewers when “reporter” Desi Lydic grilled him on his sordid sexual history.

Dyer proudly told the reporter that he listed his sexual exploits on his website, which happen to be under the tag “Scandal and Controversy,” and include notations on copious amounts of casual sex, including with married women.

“You know we’re recording this,” the reporter asked Dyer.

“I’ve had a lot of sex, I intend to keep having sex,” he replied.

Lydic played the part to appear uncomfortable as he went on to described having group sex and recording sex acts.

While Comedy Central had him on as a quirky guest (and probably endorses him) Dyer is completely serious with his stance and has been touting it since he began his run.

Dyer claims his strategy is to air all of his dirty sexual history in order to be “transparent” and avoid having his scandals become a distraction.

“There’s going to be a Republican governor for a long time,” Dyer said.

The two walked around Arizona and, while Arizonans appeared to be fine with his sexual history, they didn’t express a desire to vote for him.


In an interview with CNN in February, Dyer said people close to him are concerned that they might be named by the media.

“Everybody was incredibly excited to know that I was running,” he told CNN. “They were also worried.”

And he said his campaign staff was against his transparency.

“They were all universally against the idea,” Dyer said. “They were worried that I’d just be branded as a sexaholic and we wouldn’t be able to talk about the issues. But that’s not the response that we’ve gotten. People admire the courage.”

Sexaholic? Perhaps, merely a Democrat like former Dem. Rep. Anthony Weiner who cried in court on Friday as he pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl and became a registered sex offender.


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