Libs feign moral outrage when DHS chief is caught on hot mic making not-so-nice joke about the press

Wednesday was the day for the press to report on jokes by Republican leaders and administrative officials, and former Gen. John Kelly wasn’t exempt.

After delivering the commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, President Trump was presented with a ceremonial officer’s saber.

When the president returned to his seat, Kelly, who is now Department of Homeland Security secretary, leaned over and cracked a joke that was caught on a hot mic.

“Use that on the press, sir,” Kelly quipped.

CNN, which is often the target of Trump’s wrath, recorded the exchange.

During his address, Trump made reference to his ongoing battle his administration has been waging with news outlets, so Kelly’s joke, though unfortunate, was understandable.

The hot mic remark never approached the seriousness of former President Obama’s request, also picked up by a hot mic, that outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev tell Vladimir Putin that he would be more flexible after the election. Media outlets nonetheless thought there was nothing to laugh about, and liberals were nonetheless incensed.

“While it appeared to be joke, the Trump administration’s threats against reporters have been no laughing matter,” the New York Daily News reported.

And outrage came pouring forth on social media.

But finally one person offered this sage advice.

Also on Wednesday, The Washington Post took a nearly year-old joke made by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy out of context. It’s past time for liberals to get a life — and a sense of humor.


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