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CNN plays clip to smear Sheriff Clarke, unknowingly highlights why he became popular in the first place

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It was reported on Thursday that Sheriff David Clarke was named to a post in the Department of Homeland Security, and CNN wasted no time in going on the attack.

In an effort to smear Clarke and the Trump administration, Kate Bolduan ran a video montage of the so-called terrible things Clarke has said. But there’s one problem … her clip highlights why he became popular in the first place.

“He has been one of the President’s biggest defenders on television and one of the most controversial figures in Donald Trump’s circle of friends, especially during the campaign. And now he may be joining the Donald Trump administration,” she said.

Bolduan said Clarke was “known to be an enemy of the Black Lives Matter movement” and added that he has “ignited controversy after controversy with comments like these.” So, in other words, Clarke didn’t go along with the MSM’s narrative that Black Lives Matter is virtuous group fighting for rights they believe have been denied to them.

The clip also shows Clarke blasting “crocodile tears” of the liberal left and he even shows him battling CNN’s Don Lemon … two arguments that only bolstered the self-proclaimed “people’s sheriff” to popularity.

It should be noted that Bolduan is the same anchor who screamed at a Navy SEAL this week for questioning her network’s reporters. Looks like the following segment is another hit and miss for Bolduan.

[wpvideo cztMdQ8w]

H/T: Daily Caller.

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