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Kudos Geraldo! ‘Whatever you think of Trump, imagine how daunting it is to go to work each day surrounded by rats’

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Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera rushed to the defense of his old friend, President Donald Trump, in a tweetstorm on Wednesday.

The liberal reporter chastised the mainstream media for attacking the president with “reckless abandon” and said it must be “daunting” for President Trump to go to work every day with “rats” who leak to the press.

He also mocked those calling for the president’s impeachment.

And set the record straight on people who believe President Trump’s statement hoping that Gen. Mike Flynn got some slack from the FBI is tantamount to obstruction of justice.

The tweets followed others he made on Tuesday where he questioned why sharing intelligence with Russia about the Islamic State was problematic.

And scolded the media for it blatant bias in how it portrays President Trump versus how it exalted former President Obama.

Any chance other liberals might get the message?

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Carmine Sabia


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