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Donald Trump Jr. destroys heckler on dad’s taxes with the perfect retort

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Donald Trump Jr. will make a great politician someday, should he choose to run.

After all, he’s already proving he can work a crowd and he’s pretty quick on his feet!

During a campaign rally near Helena, Montana on behalf of Republican businessman Greg Gianforte’s bid to fill Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s seat, Trump Jr. was interrupted by a heckler who yelled, “What about your dad’s taxes? I want to see his taxes.”

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Not missing a beat, Trump Jr. smiled and said, “I think Rachel Maddow released something that showed he made 150 million bucks and paid $45 million in taxes [in 2005].”

“I think the ones that were released showed that he paid a much higher percentage in taxes than Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, and made a lot of money in the process,” Trump Jr. continued. “So guess what, you can do it all. You can be successful, you can pay your taxes, and you can pay a lot more than the hypocrites who want you to pay 90 percent returns.”

The crowd, clearly behind Trump Jr. cheered loudly as he thanked the heckler “for the intro.”

“I actually thanked Rachel Maddow,” Trump Jr. added. “I went online and I said thank you for proving to America that Donald Trump is much more successful than you made him to out be and that he paid much more in taxes than you claimed.”

“That’s the dishonesty of the media,” Trump concluded, “and that’s what we’re here to fight.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Gianforte leads his Democratic opponent, musician Rob Quist, by 15 points.

Watch the video below:

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