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Watch collective shock when bully gets body slammed ‘into a nap’ after picking on the wrong kid!

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A short video captured the shocking moment a high school student got body-slammed by another student he was attempting to bully.

The less than 30-second video posted on YouTube shows a student, presumably in high school,  appearing to taunt a classmate before throwing out a punch he would soon regret.

**WARNING: Graphic language**

Though the understanding is that the boy in the shorts is the bully attempting to engage another student, there is no confirmation as the source and location of the video are not known.

The boy in shorts and a black shirt continued to follow the backpack-toting classmate after a brief stop in the school hallway. He then walked ahead, turned and suddenly threw a punch.

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Before he knew what hit him, the student was lifted in the air by the shorter boy he was taunting.

The other student slammed the alleged bully onto the ground as shocked students watched. He quickly followed with a punch but the boy on the ground was already motionless.

“Damn! Out f***ing cold!” a voice can be heard exclaiming in the video, which ended without any indication of whether the student was seriously injured.

Although the location of the incident was not known, the Daily Mail indicated it was believed to have taken place in the U.S.

Many of the comments on the  publication’s story praised the student for defending himself and said the bully had it coming.

“That bully deserved to be given a nap. Good for that young man defending himself. It starts at home and that idiot thought it was okay to go around intimidating people. Now he can rethink about what he did during his induced body slam nap,” wrote one person who viewed the video.

Another pointed out that this was “the most effective way of dealing with bullies,” while another warned: “Don’t pick on geeks, they’ve watched a lot of Final Fantasy.”

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