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‘So sophomoric!’ Jesse Watters and Bob Beckel butt heads on ‘The Five’

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The beleaguered look on Kimberly Guilfoyle’s face as Jesse Watters and Bob Beckel argued is priceless. (Image: screenshot)

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The Five co-hosts Jesse Watters and Bob Beckel had a fiery exchange while discussing the Washington Post story claiming President Trump had leaked classified intel to Russian officials.

Democratic strategist Beckel believed the anonymously sourced WaPo story hook, line and sinker, saying Trump had committed a “serious” breach.

Watters pushed back, citing the Post’s history of fake news reporting, like when they claimed in December 2016 that Russians had hacked a Vermont power grid. That story turned out to be completely false.

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Watters then noted other recent examples of WaPo’s inaccurate, biased, anti-Trump reporting:

The Washington Post was wrong about Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes. They were wrong about Rosenstein, the deputy AG, resigning. You can’t trust everything from the Washington Post.

Watters also pointed out some members of the intelligence community—including numerous Obama holdovers—have been actively trying to sabotage and undermine Trump since the day he took office by leaking unverified stories to the press.

“We also know that Trump has been at war with the intelligence agencies for a very long time, and people have been leaking against him from the very beginning,” Watters said. “If you’re a disloyal person, you sing to the Washington Post. If you’re a loyal person, you take it to your superior.”

Jesse Watters said when Obama committed actual, verifiable breaches of national security, the media turned a blind eye: “When the Obama White House put out a press release with the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, that guy had to fly back on the next flight outta there, and no one cared. No one cared!”

Beckel replied: “Yeah, that was a bad deal, but not nearly as bad as this. Your understanding of this stuff is so sophomoric!”

Watters fired back: “Your level of outrage based on political party, that’s what’s outrageous … I trust McMaster over you.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, Washington Post staffers bragged about getting record page views from its latest anti-Trump propaganda piece.

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Others slammed the WaPo story as biased and suspect.




Finally, President Trump tweeted that whatever information he did share with Russian officials was warranted and lawful.



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