Trump’s lawyer, proud dad, defends sharing sexy photo of daughter after social media has a melt down

A proud father doting over his beautiful daughter is drawing the ire of many a social media user.

President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen created quite the stir after posting a photo of his daughter, Samantha, in a black lace bra and stockings.

“So proud of my Ivy League daughter…brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick,” Cohen tweeted, while plugging his daughter’s Instagram profile. Sedgwick was a muse to Andy Warhol who struck a similar pose — she died of a drug overdose at the age of 28.

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The photo had the unhinged crawling from the woodwork, but the reaction proved to have more to do with Trump than it did the photo, as captured in a several posts from one social media user:

Not that Cohen was above responding to some of the lunacy:

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter that captures just how deep the hate runs on the left for Donald Trump and the GOP:

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