MSNBC’s the place to bash believers: Donald Trump allowed Christians to dump Jesus and vote Judas

Would MSNBC have been so cavalier in discussing conservative Muslims and the teachings of Muhammad?

Comedian John Fugelsang claimed Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” that conservative Christians do a poor job of living the teachings of Christ.

“You have to understand, Donald Trump is Jesus to followers of Jesus who’ve rejected the teachings of Jesus,” Fugelsang said after prompting by host Joy Reid.

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That statement on its own would surprise any conservative, no matter what his religion, as well as most Christians, no matter what their politics. But he wasn’t finished.

“Donald Trump allowed right-wing Christians to finally vote for Caligula, Judas, and the Golden Calf all in one convenient package because when you worship power, you cannot worship the teachings of Jesus, who extolled the virtues of caring for the least among us,” he continued.

What Fugelsang’s flawed reasoning failed to factor in is that the act of voting for the candidate of your choice — whether it’s Trump or Hillary Clinton — isn’t an indication of “power worship.”

Folks on social media saw it all as more of the same drivel coming from the left.

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Fugelsang should note that voting has nothing to do with religion, and that Christ himself taught that church and state ought to be separated.

Matthew 22:21 states, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

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But more than that, the conversation wouldn’t have even gotten off the launch pad had the subject been Muslim Trump supporters. That’s one door they won’t open.

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