Are you a traitor and a liar? Chuck Todd’s shockingly insulting interview with Sec of State Rex Tillerson

Are you a traitor and a liar? That’s basically what leftist media hack Chuck Todd asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Todd contemptuously insinuated that Tillerson would betray the country and the Constitution to protect President Trump while discussing the firing of FBI Director James Comey, an Obama appointee.

Tillerson said he’s unconcerned about speculation (from moonbats like Todd) that he may not be able to remain independent from Trump if he had to take a stance that undermined the president.

“I will never compromise my own values, Chuck,” Tillerson said. “So that’s my only line. And my values are those of the country.”

Tillerson said he wants to help President Trump fulfill the promises he made to the millions of Americans who voted him into office, but his top priority is to remain true to his values and to the American people.

“I have a great relationship with the president,” Tillerson said. “I understand what his objectives are. When I’m not clear on what his objectives are, we talk about it. I am devoted to helping the president achieve his objectives, helping him be successful. And I understand I have to earn his confidence every day with how I go about those affairs and how I go about conducting the State Department’s activities consistent with the direction he wants to take the country.”

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Fox News anchors Pete Hegseth, Clayton Morris and Abby Huntsman were disgusted by Chuck Todd’s treacherous insinuations against Rex Tillerson, who’s as straight a shooter as you can get in a politician.

“He’s clearly trying to cause drama between the secretary of state and the president,” Huntsman said. “What I am shocked about is you’re sitting down with the secretary of state … and you’ve got a such a short period of time to ask really serious, important questions. And that is where you go?”

Hegseth chimed in: “He’s basically insinuating, ‘Will you put Trump before the Constitution? Are you willing to commit treason to cover up for Trump?’ That’s the insinuation.”


The mainstream media is desperately pushing the narrative that Trump had fired Comey to derail the FBI’s investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Of course, there are a few major holes in that inane theory:

  1. The FBI investigation continues with or without Comey, since a team of FBI staffers are doing the legwork; it’s highly unlikely that the FBI Director was involved in the day-to-day, granular aspects of the investigation, so his firing has no impact on the FBI probe; and
  2. Even Democratic lawmakers who despise Trump admit there is no evidence of collusion, despite a year of investigations by an army of government officials.

Twitter smacked Chuck Todd down for his partisan and accusatory line of questioning at Rex Tillerson.

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Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang

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Samantha Chang

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