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‘Follow the facts, watch the leaks’: Fox News’ Hemmer guides colleagues against ‘sloppy reporting’ on Trump

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Filling in for the show’s namesake, Fox News’ Bill Hemmer warned Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that “sloppy reporting will not be rewarded” when covering the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Hemmer pointed to a number of major outlets that ran with a New York Times report that the firing came after Comey requested additional resources for the investigation on Russian influence in the 2016 election, only to have acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe dispute that claim Thursday while testifying before a Senate panel.

“Keep your eye on the leaks,” Hemmer said. “They will be the breadcrumbs that either lead us somewhere or lead us to more dead ends.”

President Donald Trump’s detractors insist he’s trying to cover up something with the firing, eagerly hoping this is “the beginning of the end” for the president.

“Mr. Trump has plenty of haters,” Hemmer said. “If there is evidence that damages his presidency, that evidence will go public and we will follow it, as is our duty.

“If, however, there are few, if any, leaks in the coming weeks, this story might be the thing that goes up in its own smoke machine.

“Follow the facts, watch the leaks, see if they lead anywhere,” he concluded.

The wisdom of his words not lost at a time when false reports surfaced that Carlson was killed in an auto accident.

Tom Tillison


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