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If you thought you’ve seen Tucker mad before you thought wrong, because this Dem REALLY set him off

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Tucker Carlson has just about had it with the fake outrage and the Trump derangement syndrome.

Democrats are in lockstep in their call for an independent investigation after they screamed for FBI Director James Comey to be fired, and President Trump complied.

Clip via Fox News Channel

The claim is that by firing Comey, Trump interrupted the FBI’s investigation into an alleged Trump/Russian connection.

Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez is one of those claiming a Russian conspiracy and calling for an independent investigation.

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Three investigations — one by the House, another the Senate and the third by the FBI — have =failed to uncover any connection between Russian officials and the Trump presidential campaign, and Carlson called the whole thing “ludicrous.”

And now the “Democrats would like to politicize it even further” by commencing a fourth investigation.

“Why is the FBI investigation inadequate?” Carlson asked. “Is the FBI corrupted? Is that what you’re saying?” Carlson asked.

When Tameez argued that by firing the FBI director, Trump corrupted the process, the debate disintegrated into crosstalk. The Fox News host had finally had it.

“I’ve reached this conclusion after four months,” Carlson exclaimed. “This is totally fake. It’s totally disingenuous. This whole, ‘No, it’s good for the country this independent investigation.’ That’s not true!”

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Earlier in the program, Carlson referred to the “sham” call for an independent investigation as “partisanship posing as patriotism.”

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Clip via Fox News Channel


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