Trump Jr. ruffles feathers over his ‘censored’ tweet: Nothing compared to what you ‘savages’ post

It’s all in the eye of the beholder…

Donald Trump Jr. set fingers a’flying Wednesday when he referred to social media users as “savages.”


It all began when President Donald Trump’s namesake tweeted a link to a Bloomberg article on Aetna leaving all Obamacare exchanges next year, along with the caption: “Another one bites the dust. How much more will this drive up premiums?”

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For some reason, some social media users were not able to see the tweet while others could, prompting them to suggest that Twitter had blocked, or “shadow banned” it:

Trump Jr responded that his wife had experienced the same problem.

But it was his next tweet about possibly being censored, clearly offered in a good-natured manner, that would get everyone’s dander up:

The reaction to the post ran the gamut, from those who agreed that they just may be savages to the outright haters, with a fair share of conspiracy theorists sprinkled in.

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There was even those who tried to blame Trump for the collapse of former President Barack Obama’s failed heath care law.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter.

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