‘This is a disgrace!’ Trump spotlights rank hypocrisy of Dem’s reaction to Comey in one tweet

“Democrats, what changed?”

It took all of one tweet for President Donald Trump to expose the rank hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, and to showcase their willingness to put political gain before the good of the country.

Posted a day after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, the tweet featured a video of a host of Democratic Party leaders and their media allies calling for the dismissal of Comey.

The very same individuals now screaming from the rooftops because the president… dismissed Comey.

As for the quagmire that is Washington politics, Trump took time to remind all of his commitment to “drain the swamp” with the appropriate hashtag.


A social media user shared another video capturing the Democrats’ latest media star, the very confused Rep. Maxine Waters, illustrating this hypocrisy in a way only she can:


Here’s a quick sampling of the responses to the president’s tweet from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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