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Princess Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren on the warpath again

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No news involving President Trump would be complete without Sen. Elizabeth Warren weighing in, and his discharge of FBI director James Comey was no exception.

The Massachusetts Democrat appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” Tuesday and told host Chris Hayes that it was all because of the Russians.

Clip via MSNBC

“Comey was not fired because of Hillary. Comey was fired because of the Russians,” she told Hayes. “The timing makes this, I think, entirely clear. The fact that all during the campaign, Donald Trump kept citing Comey and using Comey. Once he was elected, he embraced Comey. And now to turn around, months later, and say, oh yeah, that was just terrible. Nah, come on. There’s nobody left in America who believes that Donald Trump fired James Comey in order to try — because James Comey was mean to Hillary Clinton.”

Trump was mad, fired Comey because he wouldn’t utter three important words, source says

Social media had heard it all before.

Rep. Maxine Waters of California is another Democrat with a Russian obsession, fueling another obsession to impeach Trump.

The Democratic Party has been pushing a Russian-Trump connection since the day of the election, and despite both House and Senate committee hearings and an FBI investigation, it’s gone nowhere.

Italian TV reporter assaulted while covering arrival of refugees

The party should file that one along with the conspiracy theory that little green men from outer space built the Egyptian pyramids, accept defeat and move on.

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