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Obama scolds Americans for eating too much meat, but his WH chef recalls cooking A LOT of steak

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Watch out America, looks like liberals will be coming after your steak dinners.

Former President Obama wagged a finger at Americans for wasting too much food and contributing to global warming by eating meat in a keynote address to the Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy on Tuesday.

“When it comes to climate change, the hour is almost upon us,” Obama ominously told the audience, focusing on his global warming mantra.

“I do not believe that this planet is condemned to ever-rising temperatures,” Obama said. “I believe these are problems that were caused by man and can be solved by man.”

He predicted things “will get far worse as climate change continues,” pointing to the refugee flow into Europe due to food shortages. He also criticized President Trump for stepping on climate change progress he had made while president.

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In a Q&A discussion after the speech with Sam Kass, a White House chef and nutrition adviser under Obama, the former president complained about the waste of food by Americans.

Of course, it could be argued that his wife Michelle was single-handedly responsible for a major waste of food.

Trump’s Agriculture Department announced last month that the former First Lady’s widely unpopular school lunch programs would be on the chopping block.

Obama went on to tell his former chef that people were contributing to global pollution because of the demand for beef, blaming the number of cows for the environmental emergency.

“People aren’t as familiar with the impact of cows and methane,” he told Kass, adding that “as people want to increase more meat consumption, that in turn is spiking the growth of greenhouse emissions coming out of the agricultural sectors.”

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“What it does mean is that we’re also going to have to find ways to produce protein in a more efficient way,” he said, arguing that people will have to learn to “have a smaller steak” and reduce their meat consumption.

Obama apparently forgot his own meat consumption and was fact-checked by Kass who said he probably cooked “thousands of steaks” for the president.

“I don’t think, thousands,” Obama interrupted.

“Well hundreds maybe,” Kass replied.

Hundreds, at least.

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