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MSNBC host proudly relegates women to permanent victimhood, says being female is a ‘pre-existing’ condition

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MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle claimed Tuesday morning that being a woman is a “pre-existing condition.”

Ruhle and her panel of liberals were discussing the recently passed healthcare bill from House Republicans, and used comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s comments last week about his son having a pre-existing condition as their talking points for why we need to keep Obamacare in place.

“I too have a pre-existing condition. I’m a woman,” Ruhle said to a panel that seemed to agree with her.

Ruhle said that president Trump will have a hands-off approach to healthcare now because he “got his win,” but another panelist couldn’t let that comment go as he claimed five times that this was not a “win” for the president.

“No, he didn’t get a win. He got something he could claim is a win. It is so far from being a win; it is disgusting what he does by having a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden making it seem like he has a win — but he’s doesn’t have a win. His win is not a reality.”

Here’s the full exchange from the panel:


Thankfully others pointed out the many flaws with this argument and line of thinking from liberals.





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