‘Under a minute!’ Mexican nationals laugh as reporters show how easy it is to cross border

Two freelance reporters went to the Southern border to show just how effortless it can be to cross it.

Joe Biggs and David Rodriguez of Borderland Alternative Media recorded themselves as they scanned a portion of the border between Mexico and the U.S.

The reporters walked along a dirt road and pointed to a nearby building in Mexico to illustrate how close they were to our southern neighbors.

“I’m in disbelief” Rodriguez who lives in El Paso, Texas, said of the border. “I didn’t even know this little area existed.”

“We’re in American right here,” Rodriquez said. “That green sign – Mexico.”

The pair walked along until Rodriguez decided to cross the border — a feat that took place in under a minute.

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Video screenshot.

Biggs asked him to find someone on the other side to talk to while he explained that there is border fencing miles down on either side, but the area where he stood has been left wide open.

Rodriguez soon reappeared with a Mexican national willing to demonstrate the border crossing ease.

Video screenshot.

“That’s just how easy it is,” Biggs said and added that the open border needed to have a “light shined on it.”

A bit later Biggs and Rodriguez met up with more Mexican nationals and had a laugh at the absurdity of a literal line on the ground that they said represented the border between the two countries.

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Meanwhile, Bigg’s video that highlighted the “under a minute” border crossings got the attention of Trump supporters who want to see him “build the wall.”


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