Julian Assange hammers James Clapper for ‘perjuring himself’ about GOP leaks, and offers proof

In his testimony before Congress on Monday, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper insisted that, while the Russians did collect data on Republicans as well as Democrats, the data on Republicans was not released.

“Russia also collected on certain Republican Party affiliated targets, but did not release any Republican related data,” Clapper said. “The intelligence community assessment concluded first that President Putin directed an influence campaign to erode the faith and confidence of the American people in our presidential election process, second that he did so to demean secretary Clinton, and third that he sought to advantage Mr. Trump.”

Except, it’s just not true, as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – a man who would know – was quick to point out.

That’s right, DC Leaks indeed leaked hacked information on Republicans too.

No fan of Clapper, Assange also posted this blast from the past.

Plenty of others agreed and weighed in on Assange’s Tweet.

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