Feisty! Kellyanne Conway held back by Secret Service as she confronts airport heckler

It’s no secret that Kellyanne Conway is very passionate and unafraid to stand up to anyone, and that was on full display when Secret Service agents had to intervene after she was heckled at an airport, according to the The Daily Caller.

According to Mark Wilkins, a photographer from Washington, Conway was greeted by an individual at the Washington Reagan Airport Monday evening who continuously shouted, “Keep trashing America” at the president’s top counselor.

Wilkins indicated that Conway fired back at the heckler, saying: “I like the way you talk s**t when I’m walking away.”

The photographer claimed the agents put their arms up in order to stop Conway from getting any closer to the heckler.

“Secret Service stopped her,” Wilkins said. “Two of them put their arms up and blocked her. The guy was just an a**.”

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Adding that Conway was a “rock star,” Wilkins said he was very impressed with how Conway handled herself. He liked that she wasn’t afraid to fire back but also collect herself and move on from the situation.

The conservative rock star also made a big splash last week when she excoriated Hillary Clinton’s obsession with winning the popular vote during the 2016 presidential election.

During her interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Conway made it clear that Clinton lost the election because of her campaign strategy and arrogance.

“It was many things,” Conway told Hannity after he asked whether Clinton had lost the election over arrogance, “but we also had a better candidate, better message, better campaign, better strategy and I think just more self-awareness overall.”

“The idea that she ignored Wisconsin meant that Wisconsin ended up ignoring her. And the idea that she yet again mentioned, ‘I won the popular vote.’ You know what the prize is for that? The participation trophy is second place,” Conway added as she blasted Clinton for her lack of self-awareness.

Conway’s fiery brand is what voters were drawn to with Trump, and they love that she is unafraid to fight back.

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