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‘Disturbing!’ Bette Midler trivializes Holocaust victims to take LOW blow at Freedom Caucus

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Bette Midler is perfectly content to let middle-class Americans be crushed under the increasing weight of quickly imploding Obamacare, and will compare you to a ruthless dictator if you don’t agree.

Joining the seemingly never-ending chorus of celebrity hyperbole, legendary singer, actress Midler dialed up the drama to 11 to take a shot at the Republican Freedom Caucus for reforming the disaster known as Obamacare.

Completely ignoring the millions who’ve lost their plans, doctors and are paying rapidly increasing premiums for sub par care, Midler called the caucus “home grown Assads,”  claiming reform is akin to “gassing their own people!”

Oh Bette, really?

Needless to say, her unhinged reaction, albeit in line with many who live in the glam bubble of Hollywood celebritism, didn’t go over so well with the great unwashed working their behinds off to foot the bill.

Midler’s tweet proves how out-of-touch and emotional the reactionary Left has become. Comparing fellow Americans to Assad and belittling the plight of Holocaust and Syrian victims from heinous attacks to launch an attack at representive political opponents is LOW. Even by Hollywood standards.

Thankfully, there was more backlash than support for her insane comment.




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