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Tucker Carlson is fed up with liberals’ ‘grotesque’ anti-white rhetoric

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Tucker Carlson slammed liberals for using anti-white rhetoric when criticizing the Republicans’ health care policy, saying the racist remarks are “grotesque.”

Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell has dismissed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as a useless plan put forth by “13 white boys” in the GOP leadership to “destroy” everyone else.

And MSNBC host Joe Scarborough—a Republican whose views have swung left ever since he started dating his liberal employee/fiancée Mika Brzezinski—lamented that a bunch of “rich white guys” are trying to take away people’s health care coverage.

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Tucker Carlson said it’s fine to criticize the AHCA, but making sweeping attacks against white lawmakers simply because they’re white is outrageous.

“We don’t choose what color we are,” Carlson said to Democratic strategist Don Calloway. “[We’re] not going to judge people on things we can’t control. The race part is grotesque.”

Calloway reacted by continuing to play the race card, saying the GOP has a “diversity problem” and chose to have a “roomful of white men” decide health care policies for everyone, including women and minorities.

Carlson responded by pointing out that DNC Chairman Tom Perez said anyone who is not pro-choice should not be in the Democratic Party.

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Meanwhile, Twitter users noted that during the 2016 presidential campaign, the GOP had a diverse field, including Dr. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindal.

In contrast, the Democratic Party had six white candidates, led by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. So which party lacks diversity again?


Then, there this:


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