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Maxine Waters presents MTV Award in a ridiculously ironic category; gets standing ovation for cluelessness

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California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters was a big hit at the MTV Awards on Sunday.

The far-left crowd gave a standing ovation to Waters, who was on hand to deliver an award for “Best Fight Against The System.”

Who better to present an award for a ridiculous category than someone who calls for the impeachment of a president based on nothing more than the fact that she doesn’t like him?

And is anyone more representative of fighting the system than a Congresswoman so ingrained in the system that she as been in office for 26 years?

“Artists, actors, singers and citizens have a unique opportunity — the ability to speak out and inspire change,” Waters told the crowd as she introduced the five social justice films nominated for the award, “Hidden Figures,” “Loving,” “Luke Cage,” “Get Out” and “Mr. Robot.”

“Each of these stories pushes back against the bullies and uses its platform to unite us all,” she said.

The award was given to “Hidden Figures.”

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Liberals on social media were thrilled.

But others found the love fest for the California Trump-hater to be ridiculous.

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