Defeat with dignity: Hillary Clinton could learn a few things from dancing Marine Le Pen

They are both women who lost presidential elections, but that’s where the similarities between Hillary Clinton and French candidate Marine Le Pen end.

Following her loss to President Donald Trump, Clinton would not face the crowd gathered to hear her speak and instead sent John Podesta out to vow to continue the fight.

She then ventured off into the woods, only to be occasionally spotted while hiking, in what appeared to be highly scripted “random” moments.

But Le Pen took the opposite approach.

Hours after the right-wing, nationalist candidate called her opponent, Emmanuel Macron, to concede, Le Pen was caught on video partying and dancing with her supporters in the French capital.

Le Pen was grooving to American hits like Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N Roll” and The Village People’s “YMCA.”

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After her concession she also celebrated with Macron’s wife Brigitte and his supporters outside of the Louvre in Paris, in a show of unity.

“I congratulate him on his election because I have the best interests of the country at heart, I wish him success,” she said.

A big difference from Clinton who has stated she is a member of the resistance to President Trump, and even started her own PAC which many believe is a precursor to a third run at the presidency.

The contrast was noticed on social media.

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Carmine Sabia


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