Benjamin Netanyahu channels Donald Trump

It’s not just Trump that’s getting hammered by “fake news” — Bibi is also.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed two U.S. media outlets — CNN and The New York Times — for disseminating false reports about a document from Hamas, the largest of several Palestinian militant Islamist groups.

“Ever wonder what fake news is?” Netanyahu asked. “Last week, headlines in CNN, Al Jazeera and The Guardian said Hamas now accepts a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines. The New York Times headline called this ‘moderation.’”

The media implied that Hamas, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by many countries and international organizations, now accepts Israel as a legitimate state.

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“Great news, right? Well, except for one small detail: This is a complete distortion of the truth,” Netanyahu said.

The Israeli leader observed that Hamas is speaking out of both sides of its mouth. The group claimed to approve 19676 Palestinian borders with Israel, its continued support of terrorism demonstrates a lack of interest in peace with the Jewish state.

“It’s bad enough Hamas lies to the world. We don’t also have to lie to ourselves,” the prime minister continued. “Hamas murders women and children. It [has] launched thousands of missile attacks at our homes. It brainwashes Palestinian kids in suicide kindergarten camps.”

“So, where does this hate-filled document belong?” he concluded. He answered the question by crumbling the document and depositing it into a trash can.

Without much surprise, many people on social media expressed support for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority over Israel. Netanyahu nonetheless drew some support.

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President Donald Trump, who has often called both CNN and The New York Times “fake news” outlets, is scheduled to visit Israel later this month.

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Trump has also said to favor moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and indicated that while he wants to see peace in the region, he’s not necessarily committed to a two-state solution.


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