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’60 Minutes’ drums up outrage over deported business owner who supported Trump, but it doesn’t change the law

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CBS News’ “60 Minutes” cherry-picked one deportation as an example of what it depicted as the heartless nature of the Trump administration’s toughened-up immigration policy, and in support of that notion, gathered one business owner’s friends, neighbors and customers who disagreed with the deportation.

“What did they expect?”

An illegal immigrant was arrested for having failed to comply with an agreement he’d signed to voluntarily deport himself 17 years ago.

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Screenshot of illegal immigrant Roberto Beristain

Because of Roberto Beristain’s failure to comply with the agreement, he was issued a final order of removal, that mandated that he be deported.

Nonetheless, the Obama administration ignored the final removal order and issued him a temporary work permit and social security number, and on that basis, he was able to obtain a driver’s license. He married and was eventually able to purchase a small restaurant in Granger, Indiana.

Screenshot of Beristain’s wife during “60 Minutes” interview

CBS focused on Beristain supporters — including his own wife — who voted for President Donald Trump in November.

“It just feels wrong,” said Granger resident Kimberly Glowacki.

“The community is better for having someone like” Beristain in it, Trump voter Michelle Craig told “60 Minutes”. “This is not the person [Trump] said he would deport.”

Screenshot of Eddie’s Steak Shack customers, being interviewed by “60 Minutes”

But what the segment ignored was that the United States is not a nation of men, but of laws, and a society can only succeed when its citizens comply with those laws.

The piece had the desired effect — most people on social media disagreed with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s decision to detain him, but others recognized the need to comply with the law.

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“Hard cases make for bad law,” is an old legal maxim meaning that an extreme case provides a poor basis upon which to enact a general law that would cover a wider range of less extreme cases.

The Beristain case that “60 Minutes” exploited is a perfect example.

The full “60 Minutes” segment can be viewed HERE.


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