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Hillary Clinton wants a do-over: Is her new Trump resistance group ‘first step’ to 2020 run’ or giant money grab?

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Hillary Clinton 2020?

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is reportedly launching a new political group to resist President Donald Trump’s agenda.

The name of the new organization, Onward Together, is a play on her 2016 campaign slogan, Stronger Together… which is appropriate, given that the forming of the group may be the first step of her political comeback, according to New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin.

“Raising and controlling money is Step One to her comeback, a step the Clintons have mastered,” Goodwin wrote in an op-ed published on Sunday. “A Democratic operative once described them this way: “Fish gotta swim, and the Clintons gotta raise money.”

He said Clinton is pinning her loss on Russian hackers and FBI Director Jim Comey, considering herself as “an innocent victim of their skullduggery.” Goodwin goes on to say Clinton “has an unhealthy fixation on an election do-over.”

“As improbable as it seems, I believe she wants to co-opt the Trump resistance and make it her base for a potential 2020 run,” he added.

But Goodwin said Hillary is not the Democratic Party’s savior.

“With the party demoralized and divided, and holding the fewest number of elected seats in a century, Clinton’s return will likely prolong the misery,” he insisted. “While she’s a media magnet, she’s also a political dead-end, having lost two presidential runs and ceded the future to the Bernie Sanders’ socialist wing.”

Right on cue, former Sanders staffer Tezlyn Figaro appeared on Fox News to say this new “resistance” endeavor is all about the money.

“The only thing that Hillary Clinton is resisting is the ability to sit down — refusing to sit down,” Figaro said during a recent appearance on Fox News. “This is nothing but a money-grab to continue to get donors to donate money to a PAC that’s ineffective.”

And talk about putting things into perspective, she said Clinton was the gift no one wanted.

“They have simply regifted an old gift that no one wanted at Christmas and decided to put a new bow on it,” Figaro said.


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