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Wanda Sykes says GOP’s repeal of Obamacare is racism. Tucker has a message for her

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Comedian Wanda Sykes says GOP’s repeal of Obamacare is pure racism.

When in doubt, pull the race card.

“They’re just trying to erase anything that President Obama did. I bet you they want to act like that man never existed,” Sykes told the panel on ABC’s “The View” on Friday.

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“Why do you think that is?” fellow comedian, and co-host of “The View,” Joy Behar asked.

“It’s racism!” Sykes declared. “That’s it! They hate having a black president and they want to get rid of it. That’s what it is.”

Sykes assertion was so ridiculous that Behar had to be the voice of reason.

“I think it’s also they hated his policies,” Behar replied. “Because they’ve been dying to put everything back to the states and make the government smaller and make money for the very rich, and he didn’t do that. I think it’s a lot about that too.”

States rights, smaller government and more money in the pockets of taxpayers, not only the rich.

That sounds about right. But it’s much easier to say it’s racism.

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Sykes assertion won the “Top That” segment on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday.

The segment pits two ridiculous stories against each other and Carlson decides which is more ludicrous.


“Wanda Sykes used to be a comedian, and a really talented one,” he said. “She’s gone completely off the deep end with this Trump stuff and it’s just distorted her so completely that she’s become someone who is screaming at you on the subway.”

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