You’d better believe Hillary’s team is working overtime to stop this new TV series from becoming a reality

Hillary Clinton may have been the darling of Hollywood but it seems the mighty dollar may be pulling rank.

A new book about Clinton’s failed presidential campaign may be launching onto the small screen as a limited television series, according to the New York Times.

The Clinton camp has been busy pouring water on the unflattering portrayal of the former Democratic nominee in “Shattered,” a new book by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

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Now that book has been optioned for a limited series by TriStar Television, a division of Sony Pictures Television, and Davis Entertainment, according to Times reporter Sydney Ember. Though no network has yet been attached to the project and no writers have been announced, the authors’ literary agent, Bridget Matzie, confirmed the deal.

And it seems “Shattered” may not be alone as political journalists and analysts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s latest book project about the election of 2016 is already set to become an HBO mini-series.

If the characterization of Clinton and the dysfunction in her campaign portrayed in the book are accurate, her team will have their hands full with a television series. They have already been busy trying to counter the negative images from the book.

“It’s hard to read a depiction of the campaign that paints a dedicated, cohesive team as mercenaries with questionable motives who lacked a loyalty to a candidate described as ‘imperial’ and removed from the campaign,” Christina Reynolds, Clinton’s deputy communications director  for the campaign, wrote in a post on Medium.

If “Shattered” moves forward to make a television debut, the bets will probably be on to guess which actors and actresses will be chosen for the main parts.

Meanwhile, Twitter users generously offered their reactions and suggestions.

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Who do you think should play the main characters in a potential new Hillary series?

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