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Obama, who doesn’t want foreigners meddling in US elections, just meddled in France’s election

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Although he doesn’t want any foreign interference in U.S. elections, Obama always feels compelled to stick his nose in foreign elections.

On Thursday, former President Barack Obama weighed in on the French presidential election — set for Sunday, May 7 — by cutting a video endorsing globalist Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen.

This isn’t a first for Obama. In what then-U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage called “a monstrous interference,” Obama urged British voters to remain in the European union.

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Even more outrageously, Obama’s State Department sent $465,000 to an Israeli left-wing group called OneVoice in an attempt to oppose the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

Social media blasted the former president.

Another observed:

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And he’s right. Despite Obama’s efforts and interference in the U.K. and Israel, Britain voted to leave the E.U., and Netanyahu was re-elected as Israel’s prime minister. Perhaps this will be “the kiss of death” to Macron resulting in a Le Pen victory as the new French president.


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