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‘Morning Joe’ panel goes LOW; throws viewers red meat, accusing House GOP of a ‘restricted’ white guy club

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Hey Scarborough, have you ever looked in a mirror?

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski had an interesting way of thanking President Donald Trump after he offered to officiate their wedding.

By calling him, and his Republican colleagues in the House racists.

On Friday’s “Morning Joe” Brzezinski displayed a photo of the president and Republicans celebrating in the Rose Garden after the healthcare bill passed. A photo she referred to earlier as a “golf course ribbon cutting.”

Scarborough asked guest, Donny Deutsch to look at the photo that was on-screen for a long duration while the panel lamented the ‘racism’ of it.

“Bunch of middle-aged, white guys,” Deutsch interrupted before Scarborough could finish making his own racist, classist, statement.

“Take a look at this picture,” Scarborough urged. “A billionaire, surrounded by a bunch of millionaires. They are all middle-aged and older white guys, and they are all going to be facing constituents next year who are going to tell them stories about how they voted to gut their health care to give the richest one percent in their district tax breaks.”

Scarborough referred back to Brzezinski’s comment about the photo looking like a golf course ribbon cutting to offer a blatant condemnation of the House GOP for being racists.

“It’s a country club with restrictive membership,” a panelist said, drawing an, “oohhhh” from Brzezinski. “Obviously you have to be white, and a male, to be there.”

With the camera focused on the still shot, it’s not completely clear who made the last, and perhaps most outrageous comment, but one thing is for certain… they all seemed to agree.

[wpvideo KbOXYfLH]

On social media white men have been getting blamed since the bill passed yesterday and Scarborough and his panel seemed all too eager to fuel their fire.


But white women were attacked, perhaps, even harder.

Who gave us President Trump? What are you trying to say? It’s tough to tell.

Not as bad as this woman who wants to murder white women because of their vote.

At least she isn’t being dramatic.

Between this and Hillary Clinton’s mention of the show, “Handmaid’s Tale” is the new SJW obsession.

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