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Sean Duffy messes with Trey Gowdy during live CNN interview, and folks can’t get over his reaction

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Now that’s focus!

Rep. Sean Duffy demonstrated on live TV just how focused House colleague Trey Gowdy is when, in the midst of a CNN interview, Duffy flicked the South Carolina Republican’s ear as he walked past.

Gowdy’s answer to CNN host Wolf Blitzer‘s question on “The Situation Room” didn’t falter, he didn’t turn around and he barely blinked. In the words of Wisconsin Republican Duffy, Gowdy didn’t “even skip a beat.”

At the time, Gowdy was discussing FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress that day.

Duffy wasn’t the only one amazed. So was the crew at CNN’s “Situation Room,” who put together a GIF of the incident.

Others thought it an impressive testament to Gowdy’s power of concentration as well.

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And one brought up Gowdy’s experience as a prosecutor and tied it to Comey’s testimony that day on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.


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