Steve Bannon’s whiteboard, exposed in rabbi’s White House photo-op, causes lots of chatter

Steve Bannon‘s long to-do list was unwittingly shared online in a photograph posted by a rabbi visiting the White House.

President Trump’s chief strategist posed for a photo with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach who was visiting the White House on Tuesday to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day.

The Orthodox Jewish author and public speaker tweeted the photo with Bannon, whom he called “a great, stalwart friend of the Jewish State.” But what grabbed the most attention on social media was the whiteboard behind the pair in the photo.

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A long list of Trump’s campaign promises could be seen written in marker on the whiteboard, with many items checked off as completed.

Repealing Obamacare and pledges on tax reform as well as “suspend immigration from terror-prone regions” and “suspend the Syrian Refugee Program” were items seen on the list.

Grouped into “pledges on Obamacare”, “pledges on tax reform” and “pledges on immigration,” the to-do list included tasks such as, “Finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracker” and “sunset visa so that Congress is forced to revisit and revise.”

One item, partially visible in the photo, read “Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico…”

Twitter users zoomed in on the photo and highlighted items on the list, sharing and re-tweeting the images.

Some wondered if the appearance of the white board in the back was accidental or if the photo op had been staged.

Shmuley,  who has written for Breitbart and is the author of 30 books, documented his White House visit in a series of photos, including selfies with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

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The tweet by the 50-year-old rabbi mistakenly tagged the wrong Steve Bannon, using the Twitter handle of a man who lives in England.

“Oh here we go again… it’s been nice and quiet the last few weeks,” the other Bannon tweeted.

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