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Roger Stone says he killed Hannity’s bid for WH chief of staff; rants ‘Bill Shine out. Hannity next. One down, one to go!’

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Has Stone been in the cups lately?

Former Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone ranted against Sean Hannity Tuesday night, and claimed that he prevented the Fox News host from becoming the president’s chief of staff, a position filled by former Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus.

Emulating President Trump himself, Stone took to Twitter to make his claims.

He followed that one with an observation the one-time Hannity producer Bill Shine, who rose to become a Fox News co-president, is out of the cable network, is gone,and predicted Hannity would be next. He also made reference to Hannity’s early years as a house painter with the hashtag #EgomaniacHousePainter.

While the Trump team was still in its transition phase, Stone made a similar taunts directed at former businessman and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, claiming that Trump only dangled the secretary of state position out to Romney to “torture” him, knowing Romney desired it. The Trump team denied this at the time.

The position was filled by another former businessman, Rex Tillerson.

Hannity responded a half-hour later, claiming that he never wanted the chief of staff position or any position, for that matter, in the Trump White House.

In a follow-up, Hannity said there was never any effort on his part to keep Stone off Fox News. In response to the #EgomaniacHousePainter taunt, the Fox News host said he would be happy to paint the president’s office if asked.

Hannity ended with a Bible reference, “For he who is not against us is for us,” and expressed hope that Stone continues to be of service to the president.

Hannity apparently tweeted his responses during commercial breaks on his show Tuesday night.

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