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May Day riots: Pepsi’s thrown at cops, t-shirt of ISIS beheading Trump, masked thugs out of control!

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Leftists, Communists, antifa, and other assorted snowflake contingents just love May Day, which gives them yet another excuse to riot in the streets, make fools of themselves and do their dead-level best to disrupt the lives of ordinary Americans.

At one New York City rally, Project Veritas’ Laura Loomer took a picture that adeptly sums up the mentality of the loony-left, a man sporting T-shirt depicting an ISIS terrorist beheading President Trump below the words “BEHEAD THE BRO,” and “DECAPITATE THE DON.”


Stay classy…

Since the one thing all leftists seem to agree on these days is filling all Western countries with as many Muslims as possible, it only stands to reason that at least one Commie would show his true colors, but hopefully the Secret Service is taking notes.

That was fast! Glenn Beck’s The Blaze agrees to settle with Tomi Lahren under these terms …

There was plenty of other May Day goings-on in the streets of America:








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