Katy Perry viciously attacked online for ‘micro-aggression’ towards … OBAMA

Barack Obama is no longer in the White House, but that doesn’t mean the left is over their slobbering love affair with the former president… or their eagerness to play the race card over any perceived slight of the man.

Something pop singer Kate Perry learned quickly, when hypersensitive Obama fans took her to task for a seemingly harmless comment about changing the color of her hair — never mind that she was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016!

“Oh someone says ‘I miss your old black hair,'” she says in a video clip posted online.

“Oh really, do you miss Barack Obama as well? OK, times change, bye!” Perry added, while making a pouty face.

“See you guys later,” she laughs, before saying, “I should leave now.”

Someone in the background jokes about Perry, who is sipping a beverage through a straw, being “cut off now.”

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And that’s all it took, mentioning the former president’s name in the same breath as a reference to her “old black hair” to be labeled a racist in post-Obama America.

Wasting no time, tolerate liberals went to the long knives, viciously attacking Perry on social media:




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Tom Tillison


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