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Fatal hit and run of 21-year-old by an illegal shows BIG problem right in Trump’s backyard

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screenshot motorcycle accident palm beach sanctuary welcoming city Brandon Wesson victor riveraOn Sunday, 21-year-old motorcyclist Brandon Wesson was left for dead after illegal alien Victor Villanueva Rivera hit Wesson with his pickup truck and fled the scene in Boynton Beach, Florida, a town 16 miles from President Trump’s second hometown of Palm Beach.

Most of South Florida is swarming with local liberal lawmakers who proclaim themselves above immigration laws.

Rivera — who does not have a driver’s license — told police he did not see Wesson when he mowed him down with his truck. In his haste to flee the scene of his crime, Rivera hit another car parked in the driveway of his neighborhood before hiding out at home, where police eventually arrested him.

Martha Jirka, who lives a few houses down from Victor Rivera, is shocked by the callous and senseless murder. “My front yard is a crime scene,” Jirka told CBS 12 (see video). “You can’t bring that life back. That poor boy. If you can’t be here legally, then don’t be here.

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As the debate over “sanctuary cities” heats up, some cities brag about putting the interests of illegal aliens over citizen taxpayers.

Last month, officials in neighboring West Palm Beach (the city directly across from Trump’s “Winter White House”) unanimously declared the city a sanctuary for illegal aliens in defiance of U.S. immigration laws.

Officials in West Palm Beach will use the term “Welcoming City” over “Sanctuary City” because they don’t want the name to imply that they’re doing anything wrong. Even though harboring illegals is unlawful and obviously wrong.

sanctuary cities cost illegal immigration taxpayers

The resolution prohibits city employees from helping federal immigration agents round up illegals who commit felonies for deportation. Federal ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents typically do not “round up” illegals unless they committed a felony.

“We want to make sure people know that they are safe in West Palm Beach, and this is a place where we want them to be,” Mayor Jeri Muoio told the Palm Beach Post.

Muoio said the measure is necessary to protect illegal immigrants, noting with sadness that local school attendance has dropped amid the recent crackdown on illegal immigration.

sanctuary cities crime statistic cost

“[This is] a courageous first step in making [illegal] immigrants feel welcome,” Jill Hanson, a board member of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, said. “It’s showing that the city commission is willing to do what it takes to protect West Palm Beach families from living in constant fear.”

While these city officials are doing their best to ensure that illegals don’t live in fear, apparently no one is watching out for citizens and residents who are here legally.

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