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Ann Coulter ‘Why isn’t it hate speech to keep telling me how Hispanics are going to vote?’

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Ann Coulter took  ABC’s “This Week,” host Jonathan Karl’s argument about her “provocative” speech and threw it right back at him.

Sunday Karl argued that the conservative author and columnist shouldn’t have been surprised that her speech scheduled for last week at University of California, Berkeley was canceled given the provocative nature of some of her past comments.

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Karl brought up her prior statements on women’s voting rights and families of 9/11 victims as examples and closed with an observation she’d tweeted after the election that President Trump would have captured all 50 states if voters were required to have four grandparents born in the United States.

Coulter countered that news outlets discuss how women and “the browning of America” will affect voting patterns “24 hours a day” without raising eyebrows.

“I describe one demographic and say how it would come out and that’s hate speech?” she asked. “Why isn’t it hate speech to keep telling me how Hispanics are going to vote?”

She added that the First Amendment was meant to protect provocative speech.

The founding fathers “did not put an asterisk on the First Amendment!” she concluded.

Robert Reich, another “This Week” guest and chancellor’s Professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, agreed.

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“We finally found something after all these years where I agree with Ann Coulter,” he said.

Many other liberals were on Coulters side, including former President Barack Obama.

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