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Watch NRA crowd erupt after Trump taunts Elizabeth Warren; Libs on Twitter take the bait

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Elizabeth Warren has been widely mocked for claiming she’s Native American because she has “high cheekbones.” (Image: screenshot)

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President Trump predicted that Senator Elizabeth Warren will run for president in 2020, and warned that would be bad news for gun owners (and sane Americans).

“I have a feeling that in the next election, you’re going to be swamped with candidates,” Trump said Friday at the NRA’s annual meeting.

“You’ll have plenty of those Democrats coming over and you’ll say, ‘No, sir. No, ma’am.’ It may be Pocahontas. Remember that. And she is not big for the NRA, that I can tell you.”

“Pocahontas” is a cheeky jab President Trump has used to trash Senator Warren’s inane claims that she’s of Native-American heritage.

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Elizabeth Warren has been widely mocked for claiming she’s part-Cherokee. Warren cited her “high cheekbones” as proof of her Native-American bloodline (you can’t make this stuff up).

Critics say Warren used her fake heritage to benefit from affirmative-action programs that should have benefited ACTUAL disadvantaged minorities. Exhaustive investigations have turned up scant evidence that “Faux-cahontas” is indeed Native American.

Last week, Warren joked that she hoped Republicans would donate their bodies to science so she could “cut them open” when they died. Warren made the callous remarks while discussing the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare.

“God, what planet do they live on?” Warren asked, before saying she wishes she “could cut open” the bodies of Republicans to see why they’re the way they are.

Twitter reacted to leftists clutching their pearls over Trump’s “Pocahontas” joke by saying Warren is the racist for falsely claiming she’s a minority to further her career and pander to voters.



Even CNN hack Jake Tapper admitted that the Cherokee nation conducted a formal review and concluded that Elizabeth Warren is NOT Cherokee.






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